What is… Motion Monster?




MotionMonster is a byproduct of OpenToonz brought to you by the ever prolific Turtletooth, maker of the portable release of OpenToonz.  It brings some features forward that aren’t included in the primary release of OpenToonz.  No huge changes but some that aren’t yet ready to be included in main program.

Motion Monster… Sounds like fun to me!  :)

Download and install it here:  https://github.com/motionmonster/motionmonster/releases

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OpenToonz 1.1 – minor version update!


Some great additions are in this latest update to OpenToonz.  Well worth downloading installing and putting to work:



And a new portable version that builds off that is available too!


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OpenToonz Portable – Feature Release 8-1-16



Turtletooth has posted another Feature Release of the portable version of OpenToonz.

Included are a variety of improvements to include:

  • Ability to have multiple project roots
  • Updated autosave settings
  • Additional resolution presets
  • Fixes for pixels only mode
  • Ctrl+Alt for setting brush size min and max separately
  • You can now hit enter in save dialogs to save
  • Shortcuts presets and exporting
  • New save on exit dialog for unsaved work.
  • Save all levels command in the menu
  • Slightly updated room layouts
  • Updated default background color settings in Export Layer window.

Note: These features are experimental and not part of the official code base for OpenToonz

How to Use:

  1. Download the zipped file.
  2. Unzip the file to a location of your choice.  (This can even be a USB device)
  3. Open the folder.
  4. Double click OpenToonz_1.0.exe
  5. Do amazing things.

This portable program will only work on the Windows operating system.

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Rate Your Pain

On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate your experience with your 2D animation software?

I can think of one software in particular that is a pleasure to use.



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Random Beagleboy


Well, not entirely random.  In this case it’s 761-167… or is it?

These guys always fascinated me as a kid.

The Beagle Boys were all basically carbon copies of each other and yet each had his own personality.  That is something to consider when contemplating secondary/supporting characters.



I needed a drawing to test out some brush and line work to see how they fair rendering out and to see how the lines and color scaled.  So I decided to roto/trace this guy from a Disney model sheet for testing.

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Blackmagic Fusion 8.2 Released

Fusion is a must have software for graphic artists and animators.

Do yourself a favor.  Download.  Install.  Explore.

With thousands of Hollywood movies having compositing and effects from Fusion the software is well established and proven.

Do it!


For the curious, here’s a demo that is a bit more tailored to the professional users but it demonstrates some of the power of fusion.  It’s not really a beginners tutorial but more of an intro to working in the v8 release.


Fusion is free for commercial use with no restrictions.

The primary differences between the free and paid (Studio) version is that the studio release adds collaboration and managment features and allows plugins and 3D stereoscopic features not available in the standard (free) version.

I have access to After Effects but given the power of Fusion I find that I never use it.

The primary thing I use Fusion for isn’t high end special effects but the adding of text, cropping images, recoloring and bringing in any additional blurs and effects required.  I’d like to delve deeper but of late have had no requirement for it.



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OpenToonz: Troubleshooting and Creating New Tools

A animated cycle of Cody from 'Rescuers Down Under'

An animated cycle of Cody from ‘Rescuers Down Under’

This morning has been quite productive.

Here’s a rough from Disney’s ‘Rescuers Down Under’** I used in OpenToonz to create the shift in color/focus to make the drawings appear to animate.   It’s a neat little illusion… the kind of stuff that makes animation possible.  None of the drawings are moving.

I was impressed by how easy it was to set up in OpenToonz.

I’ve been exploring the use of Version Control in OpenToonz (via SVN/TortoiseSVN) as well as honing in on some workflow issues.

A few areas I also learned to resolve is getting the output image to exactly the size I need as well as to the .GIF format.  (Note that currently GIF output is only in the portable version of OpenToonz.

So another fun exercise was using the regular release of OT as well as the portable at the same time to get at features that both don’t have.  In the process, I’ve been taking note of what isn’t immediately working for ideal workflow.


**Disclaimer:  This is not my artwork.  These are thumbnails by the masterful Ron Husband.  Check out his blog here:  ronhusband.blogspot.com

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